I Am Become Death

by Through The Earth

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released January 9, 2020

All songs written by Through The Earth
Recorded @ Spoke Audio by Kyle Moeller
Artwork By Jason Grevas @Grievous.Design


all rights reserved



Through The Earth Phoenix, Arizona

Through The earth is a Melodic Death Metal band From Arizona.

Lineup is:
Kiley dearman - Vocals
Michael Ohlson -
Joe Saari - Bass
Matt Johnson - Guitars
Michael Malchow - Guitars
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Track Name: Holy Servitude
Holy servitude

Ritually trained liturgy
Baptized in faith and fear
Force feed devotion
Conditioned to be worthless
Belief without reason
Guided by the malleable law of superstition
Fear instilled in the feeble minds
Born from the ignorance of man

Set the stage for subservient confusion
Ideological indoctrination
Forced into the fold
The promise of eternal damnation
Psychological intimidation
A slave in this religious regime

Mandatory atonement
Integrity is in decay
Holy servitude
A pawn in this cult campaign

Discourse ... is forbidden
Made to follow ....follow blindly

Separate heart and mind
Infallible falsehood
Perception is not reality

Sacrifice truth for fable
For the horror of abandon
Reject spiritual powerlessness

Oppose the mass disillusion
Break free from the ties that bind
Fear not the persecution
Deny their god divine

Free yourself of this holy servitude
Track Name: Sleepstalker
Sleep stalker

I lie down and she turns out the lights
Erase the day-I close my eyes
Calm sets in- we speak in whispers
Drift off to sleep-I softly kiss her

Slip deep into
Soon acting out
parasomnial delusions

Bodily sedition, fighting against rest, a slave to my mind
Physical turmoil, judgement disabled, surrender to my thoughts
Brought on by depression,or increased stress, my deepest fears manifest
Hallucinations, Or an alcoholic rage? slow wave sleep stage
It's unclear, so unclear

Autonomic nervous system function, patterns of repeated behavior
Unromantic, robotic assault, realized through this disorder
A gentle brush against her legs, leads to violent groping
Held down, pleas to stop, my hands around her neck choking
Unyielding, unrelenting, my body performs it's task
Nocturnal, sleep rape, all inhibitions collapse

Beg me to stop
I can not stop
Beg me to stop
I will not stop

I'm the sleep stalker
born into this madness
I'm the sleep stalker
I can't control my actions x2
Track Name: Human Leeches
Human Leeches

Hidden away deep within ourselves
The traits that once made us human
But we have forgotten we have strayed
We turned our backs to whats real
Feed the leeches become the parasite

Swallow it down
bite the bullet
Buy into delusion
Until our lives are not our own

Captivated by wealth
Always hunger never satisfied
Fingers worked to bone
A coffin a suit a tie a noose
Idolized fame star worshiper
Accept a life
A life lived blinded

Squandered ambitions
You're not who you once were
Parade deceit to save face

Mountains built of regret
Little left of your skin
Reality is forgotten
Forgotten and lost

Pinch every penny you earn
But you're still barely getting by
You'll pay the highest price
Nothing to show for it when you die

Squandered ambitions
You're not who you once were
Parade deceit to save face
Track Name: I Am Become Death (Feat. Nathan Gearhart)
I am become death

A distant threat is rising
Causing concern, in the minds of our leaders
Rumors of war, plan of attack
Now is the time to act
Burdened with brilliance , given an ambitious task
A superior weapon create, an ender of wars
In unprecedented secrecy ,On the (Jornado del muerto) journey of death
Forging that which had only existed in theory
From the fear of foes
Our ruination was born
Achieving critical mass
Detonating the deadliest blast
In peace science serves mankind
In war it serves it's country
Balance of power tested in the desert sands
We now hold the key, the key to our own destruction

I am become death
I reign in ruin
You can pray for peace
As your cities are laid to waste x2

Unleashing......HELL !!!!

Dominance displayed, for sixty miles seen
Exterminate, the statement made, we will kill everything
If the radiance of a thousand suns.
Were to burst in the sky....at once
That would be like the splendor..... of the mighty one
From the fear of foes
Our ruination was born
Achieving critical mass
Detonating the deadliest blast
Track Name: Almost Haunted
"Almost haunted"

His mind receptive-to warped perceptions
Inherent conscience escapes, his deranged deception
What lies were spoken, promises broken
A living nightmare, you'll be spared but not by the grace of god

Fiery veins turned frozen
Hates seeds are sewn
Demons controlling
For years they've grown

Ties that were once shared
Meant little against his will
Crumbling mental walls
Anger drives to....kill

As bleak as stone..his glazed eyes
As pale as bone..Almost haunted

Their naive trust abused .....misused against them
His only goal..........utter revenge
7 bond..6 slain
A lone survivor remains..remains

His mind receptive- to warped perceptions
Inherent conscience escapes- his deranged deception
What lies were spoken, promises broken
A living nightmare, you're spared,but not by the grace of god.. Not god

Prey. Play dead.....In seconds you'll be next
Pray. afraid.....you're forced to witness x2

Ashen bodies laid to rest, breathless
The child's eulogy profound-yet misguided
Amongst their headstones-They praise the highest
But only this is eternal. The burial
Track Name: Bath Salts
Bath salts

Life hangs in the balance
Resting on the edge of a blade
The white light is calling
Our hours are ticking away

Weak willed a waste of flesh
Searching for a high not yet found
I've heard a fine white powder
That can drop a man to the ground
I've tired of all the drink and the drab
I'd rather be cold and dead on a slab

I yearn to escape
The confines of my mind
A dizzying dose of this dangerous stimulant
Swallowed smoked or injected
It could cause such an adverse effect

Just one more time
Just one more line
But I know
It's not enough
It's never enough
Until I loose
I loose it all
And change my ways
Or face the grave

Oh it's hard, so hard to bear
This mundane existence we share x2

Eyes dilated
Heartbeat increases
Take this suicidal toke
Track Name: In Need Of Redemption
"In need of redemption"

The wages of sin-weigh heavily upon me
A vulgar heart-not a victim of circumstance
But loss was-a hard pill to swallow
I revealed in the burden
A man born without a soul

A failure, falling apart in my own hands
A wayworn traveler, forced to save myself
My purpose unclear,
no oath sworn, live like a whore
In need of catharsis,
Like a whore in need of redemption

Mentally crippled unable
Unable even to raise my head
I've buried myself down.

Down too far

Six feet of soil to serve
Endless mouthfuls of dirt- I deserve
Forgo connection- for the lust of passion

A twisted reverie x2

Searching for reason
I am parting the seasons
Everything happens by chance
Because no one is guiding us

Craving a new life, I long for a new time
This is not what we hoped for, leave all we know behind
Put away all these childish things, for we've wasted our years
We'll see them again someday. Cast aside all our fears

Set our eyes on a new land
But we venture unknowing
Reconnect with reality
Some unseen force drives us forward
We must....we must change for ourselves
We have waited so long ..we can't wait any longer.

A second chance
A failure, removing the mask
A wayworn traveler, forced to save myself
My purpose now clear
Breaking the curse
Like a whore in need of redemption
Track Name: Spoken Wounds
Spoken wounds

You were my brother, you were my friend

It was so hard for me to see you that way
I couldn't deny you, deny you compassion But you took a mile for every inch that I gave

As hard as I tried
I can’t put the past behind me
You were still on my mind
With each passing day
We're did it all go wrong
Can’t it be turned around?
You waged a war with yourself
And you pushed me away

You swore that the devil spoke to you
When you were a child
You played games with demons in the dark
But it was all in your mind

Oh how I wanted to believe you
But I can't deny the truth
It was just too much to comprehend
Without a single grain of proof

Those cloud angels faded
and now your words can’t hold water
This loss has twisted and infected you
And all my faith in you wasted

Shrouded clouded reality

Each time I see you
I feel it could be the last
You’ve made choices I don’t understand
And I won’t follow your path

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